Centennial Brass Band
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A Recreation
of a
Town Band
of the
Centennial Era

Concert and Scheduling Information

The Centennial Brass Band is a recreation of a town band of the American Centennial era. Performances feature actual instruments and music from the time period. In addition to the performance, the music director provides background information about the music and instruments designed to help the audiences better understand the historical significance of the performance. 

A variety of performance options are available. The group may vary in size from a small serenade band (5-12 musicians) to a full size band (15 - 20 musicians). Performances generally are approximately 60 to 75 minutes without intermission. The size of the group and length of the performance are flexible to accommodate the concert venue and purpose.

For more information or to schedule a concert, contact:

Jon Hall, Director
Centennial Brass Band
44 Belfield Street
Portland, ME 04103
(207) 775-3665

Centennial Brass Band
Portland, Maine

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